Solutions to the problem of receiving small-sized vessels were discussed at a meeting at the harbor border crossing point of Vyborg

On October 16, 2018 a meeting of the Coordination Council, chaired by the Deputy Director of the Rosgranstroy St. Petersburg branch took place in Vyborg. The participants represented state control bodies and members of the port transport infrastructure.

The key subject was the perspectives of the comprehensive development of the harbour crossing point of Vyborg with connection to small size vessels and yachts. From June 2018 until the present time handling of these vessels is suspended due to quay infrastructure inconsistency with the safety norms, incl. international requirements.

Olga Ansberg, the General Director of the port operator, Port Logistics Ltd., informed the attendees that the company was planning to make a rental agreement for a number of quays with Rosmorport in the running year. This would allow the port of Vyborg to begin a full-scale development of the port area and prepare the quays for the navigation season of 2019. Implementing the full-scale master plan means introduction of new handling technologies, improved inward and outbound passenger traffic organisation, as well as possibilities for handling coastal tourists. The master plan also includes the possibility to arrange short-term accommodation for small-sized vessels while entry and departure paperwork is being processed with subsequent long-term accommodation at the town yacht marina available.